Leading-edge computer technologies...
The latest woodworking techniques...
Professional installation...
Together, these ensure that Personal Touch cabinets, casework, furniture and fixtures meet the highest industry standards.

We also employ some of the finest craftspeople in the business. Combining Old World workmanship with the efficiency of modern technology pays off in superior value and quality.

It all starts with computer-aided drafting and design, integrated throughout the manufacturing process. Pattern Systems CAD/CAM software enables direct CNC connections to saws and point-to-point drills.

Design information is transferred electronically, straight into the machines.

Our CAD/CAM software features:

  • Automated drafting
  • Bill of material processing
  • Panel optimizing
  • Part and product labeling and tracking
  • Parametric part machining
  • Software connections to various CAM-based systems

In addition, our full-size automotive spray booth uses advanced airless spraying for a high quality, durable finish.

Personal Touch Woodcrafters is a one-stop operation. Our team is fully qualified to handle every detail and solve every woodworking challenge, freeing you to concentrate on managing the rest of your project.

When installation is required, our professional installers bring a world of experience to the job. Personal Touch performs installation work for a wide spectrum of clients, both private and publicly owned.